Intercom and Entry System

Intercom and Paging

Communication is key. Amplify your business with our convenient and efficient intercom systems. Designed to enhance connectivity and security, our intercom and paging solutions redefine communication in office spaces, warehouses, industrial and more. Streamline internal communication effortlessly, providing seamless connectivity for your business. Whether you need to make announcements, coordinate tasks, or communicate across large industrial spaces, our solutions ensure clear and reliable communication, fostering a more connected and productive work environment.

Entry Systems

For multi-family buildings seeking advanced access control and communication, our modern entry systems offer unparalleled convenience and security. Whether it’s a small 4-apartment unit, or a large 200+ apartments high-rise, we have the right solution for you.

From simple apartment stations to advanced and convenient cloud-based solutions, allowing tenants and residents to manage access through their phones with dedicated apps. Some of our advanced cloud systems, like ButterflyMX, seamlessly integrate with many popular property management platforms making it a breeze for the property staff/office to sync the residents database with the entry system and allow (or deny) their building access automatically. Integration with advanced access control features, allows customizing permissions and managing entry points, adding an extra layer of security to the property.